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Organic Quinoa direct from farm - Pre-rinsed of Saponin

Kindred Organics is a Certified Organic farm in the chocolate soil foothills of Mt Roland in North West Tasmania. Quinoa is our main crop and we have been producing it since 2007. Quinoa is a natural gluten free super food originating high up in the Andes. It is a complete protein packed with minerals with a long shelf life. Our Quinoa is summer grown with long sunny days, nice cool fresh air and plenty of water. Pre-rinsed Quinoa - the outer bitter coating saponin has been washed off at the farm.

Pre-rinsed Organic Quinoa

Our products are sustainably and ethically sourced

Fill a clean jar a little less than halfway with lemon myrtle. Pour in your honey slowly as it immersed into the lemon myrtle loose flakes, slowly to the bottom of the jar. Be sure that your loose leaf flakes are fully covered with the honey. About a half-and-half mixture. Of course - if you want a stronger infusion, add more herbs! Once done, put a lid on the jar and place it in a sunny windowsill. Keeping it warm will allow the herbs to infuse better and also make the liquid more pourable. Turn the jar over at least once a day to mix it up evenly. Allow mixture to infuse for at least one week. The longer your leave it, the stonger the flavour will be. When the honey has infused to your taste, strain out the herbs with a strainer or a cheesecloth for more clarified honey into another jar. Store your herb infused honey in a cool dark place to help maintain freshness

Lemon Myrtle Honey Infusion

With our Pepperberry, another great idea! Create a simple syrup using a pepperberry-infused honey mixed in with fresh berries, orange juice and a hint of liquor to create a heavenly combination perfect for brunch or dessert. Try it on waffles, french toast or pancakes, or liberally pour it over ice cream.....

Pepperberry Sea Salt

Seaweed Sea Salt

Pepperberry Infused Oils & Vinegars

Ceylon Cinnamon

Australian Lemon Myrtle Powder Special offer at $10! Try it now! As a spice blend, adds a lemongrass flavour!

Organic Quinoa

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