About Us

Farm To Market is a Singapore-based online retailer, wholesaler and distributor of certified organic and premium specialty foods from curated and validated farmers and producers around the world. It is our business to make high-quality daily dietary products easily accessible and affordable to consumers living in Singapore. We offer premium-quality specialty foods and farm produce sourced directly and sustainably from farmers and producers in different countries around the world. We work with indigenous communities and growers to source our products directly from the farming community, keeping our supply chain profitable and sustainable, without the need to rely on middlemen. We pride ourselves in creating superior customer experiences, thanks to high-calibre customer service and our commitment to product quality. Our supply chain facilities are all equipped with modern technology to maintain optimal temperature and other environmental controls, to ensure the products you buy are delivered in peak condition.

A Tale of Trust

We had, for a very long time—several years in fact, nurtured a deep desire to source authentic artisanal produce from traditional family farms where ancient secret practices in natural food production have been carefully preserved and passed on for generations. We were fortunate to be able to meet the right people, including communities of boutique producers who create exceptional gourmet food that was not available anywhere in the modern world up until now. Having invested a lot of time and effort in establishing mutual trust, we were able to make a pact to make these exclusive specialty foods available to modern dining tables in a way that preserved the authenticity of the produce, and at the same time helped their tiny businesses grow in terms of profitability and sustainability.

Our Values

• To provide high-quality, healthy, and natural products at a reasonable price. • To be recognized by consumers and businesses as a trusted supplier of premium natural foods. • We take great pride in our products and ensure only quality products are delivered to you quickly and efficiently.

Our Mission

We will continue to connect and collaborate with more trusted farmers around the globe, to source more options for healthy and natural products directly from sustainable farms. We welcome more members from the farming community to connect with us.

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