Ceylon Cinnamon Sticks Premium
Ceylon Cinnamon Sticks Premium

Ceylon Cinnamon Sticks (Premium Grade)

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NEW STOCKS JUST ARRIVED! BETTER QUALITY AND MORE FRAGRANT !! Ingredient: 100% Premium Ceylon Cinnamon Sticks 5 Inch Whole Sticks/Quills Size: 50 gm (packed in resealable pouch) The Ceylon Cinnamon referred to as “sweet cinnamon” and “true cinnamon” is considered the finest quality pure cinnamon available in the world, native grown in Sri Lanka. Due to its exquisite sweet aroma, premium quality, numerous health benefits and ultra-low coumarin value, Ceylon Cinnamon is recognized as the best in the global market. It is loaded with highly potent polyphenol antioxidants and cinnamaldehyde responsible for most health benefits.